Julie Kaboolie
Creative Provocateur

Feel Inside Your Mouth: VR

Immersive Experience: Feel Inside Your Mouth

Our mouth is active 100% of the time, but we are only limited by having it attached to our face. We have created a satirical unprofessional clinic and immersive experience allowing user to feel as if they are inside their own mouth expressing the consequences of using the technology in an improper way.

CHALLENGE Immersive experience has allowed us to see, hear, and feel things beyond physical scale. We want to make this more personal giving people access to themselves without expensive surgery. Most VR experiences heavily utilize the controller in a standing and walking around position. We wanted to break the conventional rule by exploring a different body position; laying and sitting down. The use of audio is integral in the piece as a navigational tool to explore their mouth. People always have mixed feelings about using VR technology. How can we curate an interesting experience that is both immersive inside and outside?

SOLUTION Feel Inside Your Mouth is an unprofessional experimental clinic using the latest technology allowing people to have temporary access to their oral organ. It started off what seems to be normal doctor’s office where you will see medical terminology of side effects listed on the wall behind the doctor. “Heart palpitations, decreased sex drive, constipation, etc.” are all common side effects of this clinical trial. The subject will be asked to sign their life away knowing that the clinic will take no responsibility for anything happens to the subject. A newest technological camera will take photos of the subject’s mouth. While the subject’s mouth is being simulated, the subject will be laid down on a white clinical bed. The subject will be inside its own mouth for few days unable to get out while we feed the subject hot-Cheetos. In order to not kill the subject itself, we asked the subject to hide from its chewing. When the clinical experiment is over, we will present the subject with its own survivor, the one and only cheese puff. It is an adventure to feel inside your mouth.

Julie Chang
Klaire Tsai

Unreal Engine 4
Cinema 4D

Julie Chang

Jenny Rodenhouse
Filip Kostic
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